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Earthen Clock Workshop II

Earthen Clock Workshop

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Earthen Clock Workshop II

Scarlett Lee


San Isidro Labrador Parish, Muzon, San Jose del Monte City, Philippines

16th February 2019


15 students of Mokpo National University and 30 Filipino students

As a graduate of UNESCO Chair Earthen Architecture, I had an opportunity to lead an earthen clock workshop for 15 students of Mokpo National University and 30 Filipino students. The purpose of this workshop was to enable Korean and Filipino students to socialise with each other while creating their own earthen clocks and sharing their stories of why they created them.


Prior to the workshop, the necessary earthen materials were excavated, sieved, and mixed with the help of the students of Mokpo National University. 


I conducted the workshop in both the Korean and English language. I briefly explained that an appropriate ratio of 1 cup of soil to 1 and half cups of sand was mixed to prevent the earthen materials from cracking. I then instructed them to tape around the clock kit to protect it from dirt, and apply oil around the tape with brushes to make it easier to detach the kit from their earthen form in case a battery needed to be replaced. 


I encouraged the participants to create any form or design of earthen clock they wished. The Korean and Filipino students mingled during the 2-hour workshop, making their clocks with the soil, regardless of the language barrier. After the clocks were complete, I gave time to some of the students to explain why they had made their earthen clocks in a specific form and translated their words into Korean or English. The participants greatly enjoyed their time in the workshop, and I was happy to see students from two different countries coming close to each other while having fun with earth.

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