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Earthen Clock Workshop I

Earthen Clock Workshop

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Earthen Clock Workshop I

Scarlett Lee (Leader) and Ji Youn Chong (Assistant)


San Isidro Labrador Parish, Muzon, San Jose del Monte City, Philippines

15th February 2019

I conducted an Earthen Clock workshop for the parents of the San Pedro Child Development Centre in Muzon, the Philippines. The aim of the workshop was for local people to experience how diverse shapes of earth can be made based on creating their own earthen clocks with local soil.


The soil for the workshop was obtained from earth that had been excavated to construct the foundation of the Partida Day Care Centre. The earthen materials for the workshop were prepared with a ratio of 2 (soil) to 3 (sand). Adding more soil than was added in the rammed earth (earthen candle holder workshop) increased the ability to mould shapes, while preventing serious cracks.


Since the day before the workshop was Valentine’s Day in the Philippines, I asked the participants to create their own clock thinking about those they loved to spend time with. The parents and children enjoyed making an earthen clock with their hands and creating some details using chopsticks.

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