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Earthbag Pavilion Workshop

Earthbag Pavilion Workshop

Project Name


Project Period

Earthbag Pavilion Workshop


August 2018

Mokpo National University,

South Korea

I learnt the basic properties of soils and how to prepare earthen materials when I participated in the UNESCO Chair Earthen Architecture workshop at Mokpo National University.  I also obtained hands-on experience there by constructing an earth pavilion using earthbag and loam plaster techniques.


We were taught 5 types of earthen construction techniques (rammed earth, cob, adobe, loam plaster, poured earth) to make a sample model and learned the amount of water required for each technique. We undertook an optimum micro-filler effect test to increase the density of soil samples by minimising the gap between soil particles. This involved adding an extra cup of sand to the soil, shaking the mixture thoroughly, and checking the various weights of the same volume of mixture in a cup.


We then constructed an earthbag pavilion, making the earthbags by filling empty onion bags with soil and compressing them hard with wooden mallets. We stacked the prepared earthbags, reinforced them with steel bars and embedded EcoBatt insulation between them before covering the walls with loam plaster with our hands.


We also designed and made earthen clocks and candle holders and, after leaving them to dry for around 2 days, we applied linseed and soybean oils to them as water-repellents.

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