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Earth Workshop Part 1
in Venice Architecture Biennale 2023

Earth Talk, Earth Workshop, flood-resilient earth construction technology, fabric formed rammed earth,  fabric formwork, Venice Architecture Biennale

Project Name




Workshop Date​

Earth Workshop I : Can Earth Buildings be Flood-resilient?

Scarlett Lee

Scotland+Venice Exhibition Venue, Venice, Italy

11 Nov 2023

Earth Workshop Part 1: ‘Can earth buildings be flood-resilient?’  was comprised of a talk and workshop, and it was held in Scotland+Venice venue in Venice that was part of Venice architecture biennale 2023. 

Students interested in mud and earth buildings attended the event and listened to a presentation about the development process of fabric formed rammed earth that is designed for flood-resilient earth construction technology. They also learnt about preparing an optimum soil mixture by creating a mud plaster. Different proportions of soil mixture were mixed and plastered by changing the ratio of clay and sand. When art students plastered the soil mixtures in-person by hand, they noticed a subtle difference of texture and feeling between the mixture. This soil composition test fed into creating a soil mixture for building rammed earth that is built with bamboo and cotton fabric at the part 2 workshop. 

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